Diving Board Rules

Only one (1) person on board or ladder at a time. Divers must wait for person in front of them to get to the side before they dive.

Swimming only permitted when diving boards are not in use (or closed to allow swimming).

Divers must be able to swim the length of the pool (on stomach while breathing) in a reasonably safe manner without stopping to use the diving board.

Jump straight off board. Swim to ladder. When diving keep arms stretched out in front to protect head.

Only feet are allowed on board (no handstands, etc.).

Inward dives (i.e. cut-aways) not allowed.

Only one (1) bounce allowed on board.

Lifeguard is not allowed to be splashed intentionally.

Adjust board only with lifeguards permission.

Young children can go off board with parent present. Children may not wear floatation devices, goggles, fins or mask, etc.

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