General Pool Rules

No running or rough play (throwing each other, pushing, dunking, getting on another’s shoulders, splash fights, dog fights.

No glass containers or alcoholic beverages allowed in pool areas.

No diving in shallow end of pool (less than 5 feet).

No swimming in designated diving areas of pool.

Only small floating items, upon pool manager’s discretion, will be allowed in pool.

No pets are permitted on pool premises.

Proper swimming attire required. Cut-offs or T-shirts not allowed.

The use of coca butter, baby oil, and other heavy suntan oils cause filter damage. It is advised that these lotions not be permitted in the pool..

Members who have guests must sign them in and be responsible for them at all times.

Stay off the rope.

All children under 9 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, at least 18 years of age. Any child between nine (9) and twelve (12) years of age may enter the pool area unaccompanied by an adult, if said child has passed the swim test.

No swimming after designated swimming hours, unless special arrangements have been made through the recreation director or the Board of Directors. Anyone caught swimming after hours will be suspended for the remainder of the summer and have trespassing charges filed against him or her.

No loud music around the pool area.

Obey lifeguards and other supervisory personnel. Talking with the lifeguards on duty is prohibited.

Chewing gum while swimming is prohibited.

Swimming with an open sore or a communicable disease is prohibited.

Jumping backwards or anyway that throws the head back toward the side of the pool is prohibited.

Be alert to anyone in trouble. Call for help immediately. Do not move or remove injured people from the water who complain of back or neck injuries.

Lifeguards are employed to insure the safety of swimmers. They have the authority to remove from the pool area anyone disobeying the rules or endangering the safety of himself or another person. The lifeguard has the authority to suspend offender for one day. Additional violations will be turned over to the pool committee. Repeat violations may result in revocation of swimming privileges for the remainder of the summer.




• One rider at a time. Wait until the landing area is clear before entering the slide.
• Slide in a sitting position or on the back only.
• No jumping or diving from slide.
• Do not attempt to stop on the slide.
• No play equipment on the slide.
• Leave plunge area immediately.
• Minimum user height: 48”

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