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Suspicious Person in Hunters Ridge


To Hunters Ridge residents: it has been reported by several people in our community that there is a young slender black male approximate age 17 - 20 asking for work. It has been reported that he has gotten hostile with a resident when he did not receive work or money. He has been seen walking & biking in the area.

If you see this person please contract the Houston Police Dept; report "Suspicious Person Seen" & give location

HPD# non-emergency # 713-884-3131 but if situations warrants call 911

Additional description & info below:

Reported Description of person involved – Hair: razor bottom, natural Afro straight up with blonde color dye on top, Top: black hoodie, Bottom: dark sweatpants, Shoes: white socks and slippers, Age: 17, Build: slender, Race: black, Sex: male, other details: scar on his chest right under his neck, about 130lbs.

Believe that his name might be TJ, with J standing for 'junior.'

It is believed that he might live in the nearby apartments with his mom, and that he had a previous juvenile detention for armed robbery in Baton Rouge, and that his younger brother got killed in a gun violence incident.

He has also been spotted near the Mobil gas station on Woodland Hills Parkway and Northpark. He also might be connected with the owner of a brand new White Mustang GT that pulled up on the side of the Mobile gas store. They made some form of exchange, after which the young black man took off on Woodlands Parkway direction northbound with his bike. The driver of the Mustang was described as a tanned, slender Asian or Hispanic. He had black hair with a slicked back gel hairstyle and wore dark sunglasses.